Level 3: Senior Laser Hair Removal Technician Course


Course Objective

The course provides students with the necessary documentation of 100 observed laser hair treatments observed by a Senior or Professional Level Technician as required by the State of Texas. These Treatments will be recorded for the student and provided to the student to have the necessary documentation as required by the state to fulfill the application process to TDLR for the Senior Certification.

Main skills to be learned:

Students will observe 100 hands-on laser hair removal procedures required by The State of Texas and to obtain the next level of certification which is the Senior Level Technician. Refresher training in the topics specified in subsection (J)(18)(A) & (B) of 289.302.

8 Hours
Fee Breakdown:
Total Cost $250

The Course reader and all materials needed to complete the Course are included in the tuition.

Admission Requirements:

  • Active Laser Technician License issued by the State of Texas
  • Drivers License
  • Current CPR Certification