Introducing The Empower Network

Empower Health & Aesthetic Institute is a newly accredited school located right here in Dallas. As a little background, our courses will initially center around Laser Hair Removal, Skin Care Aesthetics, Cosmetic Injectables, and Body Contouring. Our courses are designed for both entry level students as well as medical professionals and are taught by industry professionals with many years of experience.

We recognized the need to embrace student achievement and to support students after they have completed their respective certifications. Our commitment begins with enrollment and does not end when class does, and we want you to be a part of this initiative!

Empower Health & Aesthetic Institute is the only aesthetics institute here in the Metroplex that is locally owned and operated. Because of this, we want to partner with local medical practices and med spas to work together to promote and grow our industry. We are calling this The Empower Network.

We would like to invite you to become part of The Empower Network as an Affiliate. Because this is a collaboration to grow our local aesthetic industry talent base, there is NO COST to become an Affiliate.

By being an Affiliate, you will be able to participate in the following on The Empower Network:

  • Have your practice’s information on The Empower Network directory page. This will include
    your logo, address, phone number and website.
  • Advertise any job openings on the Empower Network Career Board
  • Elect to receive resumes from all graduating students
  • Offer internships to our students
  • Opportunity to meet and speak to our students about your specific practice
  • Offer scholarships in your name
  • Access to Texas compliance information

You get access to the best and brightest students and the best part is there is NO COST.

Student Testimonials

– Allison H.

Sonja is great! Extremely knowledgeable!

– Shekaiba S.

I like that there was adequate time to further discuss things that we were unclear about. I also like that she used pictures to explain things. She was very thorough and clear when teaching.

– Samar A.

The instructor was so helpful and answered all of my questions.

– Christina R.

…it didn’t feel like they were just reading off slides, they gave us real life situations to relate.

– Tikyshia H.

I liked the one on one time spent! Very very good

– Rebekah L.

Very knowledgeable and fun. Good materials/handouts. Hands on

– Kayla S.

Great teaching techniques!

– Abigail G.

Sonja was amazing. Very sweet and informative and answered all of our questions.

– Sarah C.

Really enjoyed the business course. Solisa is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff. She was very enthusiastic and helpful even when I was very nervous – she calmed my nerves!

– Shintia T.

Solisa’s energy kept me engaged!

– Shekaiba S.

It was good to observe other students and revisit the subject matter.

– Shintia T.

Solisa’s energy kept me engaged. Solisa you are amazing! Tim you’re very knowledgeable, the business info was extremely helpful.

– Kalli W.

You were both very thorough!

– Brenna F.

I liked how interactive the classes were & how they never felt rushed. The instructor made sure everyone understood the item before moving on.

– Kelsi B.

I liked our instructor Kathryn’s teaching style! She was so motivating and encouraging making it a safe place to learn. The opportunities to inject real models was also great!!

– Jenny N.

Enjoyed the lecture, it was very informative and she made it easy to understand.

– Gerry C.

Awesome instructor!

– Leila M.

Very efficient & informative! Everyone is super nice here at the Empower Institute. The costs of the courses are very reasonable!

– Shekaiba S.

I liked that there was adequate time to further discuss things we were unclear about.

– Heather B.

Lots of good info and practice. Sonia is excellent. Thank you!

– Megan L.

Tim, you taught me so much about my business, my future job, and how to talk to people and patients! Thank you both so much!

– Ceale F.

Small class helped me retain information since it felt more focused.

– Cassie B.

The instructors have a passion for what they do/ know.

– Kam L.

I liked that the course was super informative and very hands on.

– Alexandra W.

I liked that it was interactive and engaging. We got ample time to absorb the info everyday.

– Maya M.

Solisa was very knowledgeable in what she was training/teaching.

– Nora L.

Tim’s class was impressive, I appreciate the “knowledge nuggets” and discussing appropriate comp plans and retirement strategies. I felt that both instructors are passionate and knowledgeable about this industry. I really enjoyed working with them!

Megan L.

The staff was amazing and beyond helpful! You can tell how well everyone works together. Amanda, you are so knowledgeable, funny, and truly inspiring!

– Sofia R.

I learned a lot about lasing and I feel prepared to go into the world!

– Zhang

The instructor was awesome. Everything was perfect!

– Madeleine I.

One of my favorite parts of the courses were the real life experience the educator shared.

– Allison H.

Hands on opportunities and a knowledgeable instructor!

– Amy O.

I love the teaching techniques Solisa has taught.

– Roya S.

I love your way of teaching us! I love the friendly manner and attitude everyone has. Most importantly, you are all very knowledgeable!

– Delaney C.

I liked the science and technology behind the laser hair removal.

– Brooke S.

Educators made sure you understood the assignment before moving on.

– Angela L.

Hands on practice + instructions.

– Jennifer R.

It was great, overall! Great work!

– Christine D.

Instructor was great! Very knowledgeable.

– Abigail G.

Sonja was amazing, very sweet and informative, answered all our questions!

– Gerry C.

Awesome Instructor!

– Maya M.

Solisa was very knowledgeable in what she was training/teaching.

– Brooklyn S.

Solisa and Tim are extremely knowledgeable, I feel very prepared to start!

– Christina R.

I enjoyed how knowledgable the instructors were and how everything was put together and how they executed teaching.

– Paisley D.

I liked the instructors and the hours!

– Samar A.

The instructor was so helpful and answered all my questions

– Courtney K.

I feel confident in what I was taught and I’m looking forward to getting more hands-on experience.

– Keegan K.

I liked how everything was explained in a way that was understandable and productive. The instructors were great and had the best information and advice!

– Alana O.

I liked the fast pace learning environment and the hands on practice.

– Krystal D.

I liked the relaxed but efficient speed and instruction. Small class size!

– Courtney K.

Y’all made the class easy to understand and fun. Also, giving us examples of what y’all have experienced was very helpful!

– Courtney K.

Small class size allowed for a more personal learning experience plus the instructors were amazing and kept the learning experience interesting!

– David G.

I liked the hands on experience. Excellent instructor!

– Allie B.

I really admire and respect our instructors, they inspire me to be the best I can be. The material was also very helpful!

– Megan L.

The environment was by far the best! Everyone was so welcoming and nice. I felt they really cared about our daily life and future.

– Skyler S.

I love how personal this place is. Smaller groups are great!

– Kyndall A.

Vast knowledge, aimed for understanding. Thorough.

– Alana O.

Amazing course! Exceeded my expectations.

– Kayla S.

I liked the hands on portion with the laser. Great teaching techniques!

– Meadow G.

(I like) how much information you learn. Love it here!

– Valerie S.

You were amazing, Sonja! Thank you!

– Valerie S.

You were amazing, Sonja! Thank you!

– Kendall C.

I liked the small class size, the staff is very knowledgeable on their subjects of specialty.

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