Spa Services

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Full Set Eyelash Extensions

Enhance the length, curl, thickness, and fullness of your natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Fill

Eyelash extensions on new eyelashes to give your lash line a refreshed look.

Chemical Peels

Improve and smooth the texture of the skin by removing the top layer.


Remove dead skin cells and impurities, while delivering moisturizing serums into the skin

Call for more information and pricing. (214-272-0026)

Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair with a concentrated beam of light (laser).


Treat scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and stretch marks.


Remove dead skin cells using this minimally invasive procedure and treat discoloration, light scarring, sun damage and stretch marks.


Reduce the appearance of acne scars or other skin imperfections by revealing undamaged, newer skin.

Intense Pulse Light

High-intensity pulses of visible light to improve the appearance of your skin.


Fat-freezing method that gets rid of stubborn fat in various parts of your body.


A combination of technologies to contour your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite.