Medical Professional & Delegate Injectable Sclerotherapy Course

Course Objective

The Medical Professional & Delegate Sclerotherapy Course provides students didactic and hands-on training with a solution injection to assist with the treatment of varicose and/spider veins. Course curriculum is designed and implemented to provide students with appropriate training on Sclerotherapy injectable vascular guidelines to supplement their existing knowledge.

Main skills to be learned:

Sclerotherapy injectable vascular guidelines, skin reactions, treatment protocols, how to handle emergencies, post exposure protocol, post exposure follow up, assessment of clients pre-existing conditions & current medications, explanation of anesthesia, medical considerations and contraindications, state and federal regulations, hazards, sanitation and emergency protocols.

Dosing, types of solutions used, technique.

6 Hours
Fee Breakdown:
Total Cost $1,495.00

All materials needed to complete the Course are included in the tuition.

Admission Requirements:

Current Medical Professional License, MD, DO, PA, NP, RN or LVN

We ask that each student bring (1) model. Other models may be provided by EHAI.