Medical Professional & Delegate Injectable Basic Neurotoxin Course


Course Objective

The Medical Professional & Delegate Basic Neurotoxin Course provides medical professionals and Delegates a didactic and hands-on training with various forms of aesthetic Neurotoxin injectable procedures. A Neurotoxin is utilized to inhibit muscle movement to reduce lines and wrinkles for general skin rejuvenation. Course curriculum is designed and implemented to provide students with appropriate training and basic didactic on injectable guidelines to supplement their existing knowledge.

Main skills to be learned:

  • Apply concepts and working knowledge regarding the pharmacology of cosmetic
    Injectable, Action, Duration, Side Effects, Adverse Effects, Adverse Reactions,
    Contraindications, Indications, Dosing, & Indications for administration.
  • Contraindications against administration
  • Proper assessment techniques
  • Facial Anatomy
    • Musculature
    • Vascularity
  • Treatment and Aftercare
  • Equipment
    • Syringe options (and reconstitution guidance)
    • Needle options
    • Gloves
    • Antiseptic
  • Treatment Areas in the basic Course will be Crows Feet, Glabella, Forehead
    • Depending on class, more injections sites may be covered if time permits

8 Hours
Fee Breakdown:
Total Cost $1,495.00

All materials needed to complete the Course are included in the tuition.

Admission Requirements:

Current Medical Professional License, MD, DO, PA, NP, RN, LVN

All Models are required to have a Medical Intake to qualify for an FDA approved procedure as required by TMB Rule 193.17, at no charge, Medical intakes will take place at our facility prior to the procedure. We ask that each student bring (2) injectable models for each service offered. If for any reason you are unable to provide a model we ask for at least 1-week advance notice to have models to be provided for you. Models will receive product at Student Pricing found on our Student Services Menu. These are subject to change without notice. The care and follow up of the clients is the responsibility of all students & sponsoring physician.

Supervisory Physician Approval Form: Non-Medical Professional Delegates are accepted at the discretion of EHAI, Non-Professional Delegates can attend with a sponsoring MD or DO with a copy of current State Licensure and a letter delegating authority to attend and participate in the stated Course. Delegation letter must contain medical malpractice insurance verification ad a copy of Supporting Doctors Current Medical License (ONLY M.D. or D.O.)