Medical Professional & Delegate Injectable Advanced Neurotoxin Course

Course Objective

The Medical Professional & Delegate Advanced Neurotoxin Course provides medical professionals didactic and hands-on training with various forms of aesthetic injectable procedures. A Neurotoxin is utilized to inhibit muscle movement to reduce line and wrinkles for general skin rejuvenation. The Advanced Course curriculum is designed and implemented to provide students with appropriate Advanced training on injectable guidelines to supplement their existing knowledge. In this course you will be introduced to other types of injecting techniques using different types of needles as well as injecting more complex areas of the face.

Main Advanced skills to be learned:

  • Students will learn upper-level Advanced clinical injectable techniques that go beyond the basics such as lips, chin, platysmal bands, masseter, etc.
  • Facial contouring, with an introduction to more complex techniques to assist with symmetry of the face.
  • Neurotoxin uses for Hyperhidrosis
  • Contraindications against administration
  • Proper assessment techniques
  • Pre and post procedure instruction for Injector and client
  • Adverse reaction responses

8 Hours
Total Cost

All materials needed to complete the Course are included in the tuition
Admission Requirements:


Certificate of completion from a basic Neurotoxin training Course within ? year.

At least 6 months practical experience with product.

Current Medical Professional License, MD, DO, PA, NP, RN, LVN

We ask that each student bring (2) injectable models for each service offered. All models are required to have a Medical Intake which will take place at our facility prior to the procedure to as required by TMB Rule 193.17, at no charge. If for any reason you are unable to provide a model we ask for at least 1-week advance notice to have models to be provided for you. Models will receive product at special discounted pricing per EHAI Student Pricing. These are subject to change without notice. The care and follow up of the clients are the responsibility of all students & sponsoring physician.