Level 4: Professional Laser Hair Removal Technician Exam Course

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Course Objective

The Laser Professional is the highest level of certification that the State of Texas recognizes. The course will begin with a 2-hour didactic over laser hair removal, safety and other related topics, Following the review an onsite proctored exam will be given. Successful completion of this exam will provide the student with the necessary documentation to successfully submit final documentation for licensure with Texas Department Licensing and Regulation. All Testing is performed on site at EHAI.

Main skills to be learned:

The course will review guidelines, skin reactions, treatment protocols, how to handle emergencies, post exposure protocol, post exposure follow up, assessment of clients pre-existing conditions & current medications, explanation of anesthesia, medical considerations and contraindications, state and federal regulations, hazards, sanitation, and emergency protocols pertaining to hair removal licensure.

2 Hours
Fee Breakdown:
Total Cost $200

The Course reader and all materials needed to complete the Course are included in the tuition.

Admission Requirements

Current Laser Hair Removal Senior Technician License issued by the State of Texas