Level 1: Laser Hair Removal Apprentice Didactic

05/06/24 – 05/10/24
06/03/24 – 06/07/24
07/08/24 – 07/12/24
08/05/24 – 08/09/24
09/16/24 – 09/20/24
10/07/24 – 10/12/24
11/04/24 – 11/08/24
12/02/24 – 12/06/24

Course Description

This course provides extensive didactic in Laser, Intense Pulsed Light & Radio Frequency that are most commonly used for hair removal procedures.

Course curriculum is designed and implemented to provide students a skilled foundation as an entry-level laser apprentice. In the didactic only portion of the Course, students will learn anatomy and physiology of hair and skin, laser biophysics and tissue interaction skin reactions, burns, treatment protocols, eye protection, how to handle emergencies, post treatment protocols, assessment of clients pre-existing conditions & current medications, proper signage and posting, evaluating clients Fitzpatrick scale & explanation of anesthesia used in conjunction with LHR procedures. The curriculum also includes laser safety, medical considerations, state and federal regulations, hazards, sanitation & CPR certification.

This course delivers the highest quality of education within a convenient and feasible period. The curriculum challenges students in an environment, which provides state-of-the-art training on an array of modern equipment. The curriculum reflects current industry standards. We integrate exposure to other key players in the industry including, but not limited to laser equipment representatives, various product representatives, and professionals currently working in the industry.

We are dedicated to producing graduates that are knowledgeable within the field yet are committed to a strict code of work ethic; safe, effective, honest work values and practices that their families and communities will admire.

This Course is suitable for the student:

  • Has the ability to obtain their 100 hands-on Laser Hair Removal (LHR) treatments independently needed for Texas State Certification.
  • Only needs the 40-hours and CPR to complete requirements they already have.
  • Formal didactic training from a professional already in the industry that may not have had accredited training and only was trained in field and on site.

Types of jobs and work settings that students will have working knowledge to work in would be: Medical Spa, Plastic Surgeon’s Office, Laser Hair Removal Clinic, or a Professional in the Aesthetic industry.

40 Hours
Fee Breakdown: Total Cost $1000.00
The Course reader and all materials needed to complete the Course are included in the tuition.
Portions of this Course may be taken as single subject courses to suffice for LSO Designation.